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Gyeongsan-si Mark zoomin

Gyeongsan-si Mark

The city mark used “G” and “S,” the initials of Gyeong-san, while naturally showing the passive letter “S” in the strong initial “G,” a positive letter, to create the left and right harmony of yin and yang.

* Explanation : Green - Environment and Human Beings (Education), Future Vision and Hope
* Explanation : Blue - History and High-Tech Industry, Foundation Created by Education.
The city mark embraces the color blue, full of hope for its future development based entirely on green, symbolizing harmonious togetherness.

Gingko tree

City Tree : Gingko tree

Ginkgo, one of the four giant trees, represents the continuous prosperity, persistent patience, and graceful ethos of the city’s citizens.


City Flower : Magnolia

Magnolia’s strong vegetativeness represents the tenacious dignity of the city’s citizens, and its graceful figure symbolizes the citizens’ stability and love for peace.

City Bird: Magpie

City Bird: Magpie

The magpie has been considered an auspicious bird from the ancient times, and its lucid crying sound represents the bright and hopeful spirit of the city’s citizens.


Character: Befuri

The character embodies the operation symbol “(÷),” which means that something can be divided into more than one. It represents the affectionate Gyeongsan-si, where the citizens live harmoniously with their neighbors, imparting warmth to them and helping them constantly, and shows a united image in which education, industry, and culture are harmoniously divided and integrated into oneness.


Character Naming

The character means “befulda” (have mercy on others) and “be a friend.” In other words, befuri means “We will be good friends and will love and take care of one another.”